Sitting on the nail

If it hurts move! To many people just put up with stuff.

How many people do you know that will put up with pain, and things they do not like because they are just in the habit of doing it?

I see it all the time, and I really see it on Facebook. People will put up with censoring of the information they truly believe in, because they are used to it.

Well if you stop and think about it that is just silly. Every time they post some thing over there, they help them raise money to spend on things that you do not believe in.

That is why we need to have people come over here and start the habit of using things that support the way of thinking that you believe in.

So tell your friends to start a membership here and stop supporting the people that do not support what you stand for.

All it takes for the forces of evil to take our country is for enough good people to do nothing. Get our and get involved. Help take our country back, lower taxes and create jobs. Vote conservative.